Theresa & Billy

I am so excited to finally share pictures from this gorgeous wedding. Shot by our friends over at Amanda Wei, these pictures will make your heart swell. I generally don’t love blue and yellow together (reminds me of the GS Warriors!!), but I think we did a pretty good job elevating the color scheme while staying true to our bride’s wishes.

Theresa and Billy wanted a loose, organic look to their wedding flowers. We relied heavily on white viburnum (instead of typical hydrangea) to define the shape of the altarpieces, and filled in with big peony blooms, roses and ranunculus, and a touch of blue from the delphinium and thistle. The personal flowers were similarly decked out in an array of plush peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and anemones. More than two dozen ingredients made up the flowers for this wedding, giving bouquets and altarpieces lots of depth, dimension, and textural interest.

This was a beautiful wedding, which we were honored to have been a part of, alongside some of our favorite industry friends including HMU by Christina Chen and live art by Chasing Linen. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and cheers to Theresa and Billy!