Phyllis and Ray

This next wedding is straight out of a Disney movie. The couple, Phyllis and Ray, LOVE all things Disney, and to no one's surprise - had a Disney-themed wedding. That includes a princess tiara and princess gown; a woodland setting for their wedding; and plenty of other Disney references that would tickle the biggest Disney fans. See if you can spot all the references.

To stay true to the woodland setting and Disney-theme, we kept the florals really organic and loose. We used lots of greenery, and incorporated pretty summer blooms like peonies and garden roses in bright shades of coral and pink. They really popped against the mint bridesmaid dresses and green forest canopy. 

Our ceremony arch featured climbing passion fruit vines, graceful pepper berry branches, fun stalks of spirea, different varieties of peonies, garden roses, and carnations. The overall effect is fit for a princess, don't you think?

I really loved all the little details from this wedding. And the venue was a dream! Wishing Phyllis and Ray and happy ever after! 

Thanks to our vendor team for making this event a success! 

Photo: Leo Pham | Video: West Coast Wedding Cinema | MUH: Kathy Ly | Hair Coloring: Kimberly Chong | Photobooth: StickiPix  | Florals: Fleur & Co | Boba Bar: Bobateani | Coordinator: Orr Vuthi | DJ: DJ AnD