Friendships and Tahoe

You know that feeling when you meet up with an old friend after a really, really long hiatus, and it's like nothing has changed? You still giggle and blush over the same things. You still squeal with delight. Your eyes still twinkle with mirth. Well, Jessica, my next bride, is exactly that. I met Jess in the 6th grade, and we've been good friends since. We used to pass notes in class and write each other letters on Sanrio stationary over the summer. And to both our horror, I've actually kept most of them! And now we're all grown women, and I'm thrilled that she's found and married the guy of her dreams - just like we always used to talk about when we were girls. I was honored to do her flowers (bouquets, bouts, corsages, signage, cake), so here's a sneak-peek taken by the ever-talented Jasmine Lee.

I always love it when photographers take the time to do the detailed shots - these rings, corsages, and invite look so lovely. 

What a bunch of good looking people (and puppy!)! The ceremony and reception took place on the shore of Lake Tahoe at Edgewood, a beautiful venue for a beautiful couple. 

This was our first 'travel' event, and though it was a bit precarious transporting so many buckets of flowers up the I-50, it was so worth it and I could not be more honored to have participated in this wedding. Congrats Jess + Johnson! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and health!