Floral Subscriptions


If you or someone you know loves flowers, floral subscriptions are gifts that keep giving. It's really simple. 

Step 1. Choose a frequency. We offer Seasonally (4x per year), Bimonthly (6x per year), Monthly (12x per year), and SemiMonthly (24x per year) deliveries. If you need flowers more frequently, we also have a Weekly delivery plan. Please send us a note if you are interested.

Step 2. Choose a size. We currently offer 3 sizes: Mini, Midi and Maxi. You can learn more about our sizing below.

Step 3. Choose a style. Flowers can either be wrapped in a bouquet or arranged in a vase. Bouquets come wrapped in kraft paper and tissue with a water source to ensure freshness. Arrangements come in a glass, ceramic, plastic, wooden, or metal container.

Step 4. Complete the delivery details form and select a start date. This is where you specify the recipient information and choose when you want to initiate the delivery.

Step 5. Submit your order and wait for your blooms to arrive! This is the best part - after you place your order, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email. Then you and your recipient will receive a notification when we dispatch the first and each subsequent delivery. It's that simple!

Have more questions? Visit the FAQ section or send us a note!

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We made the pricing structure really simple too. If you need a frequency not listed here (weekly, important milestones, etc) or a different size (Micro, Mega, etc.), please contact us with your special needs.

Pricing Table
Mini (15-20 stems) Midi (20-30 stems) Maxi (30-40 stems)
Wrapped Vased Wrapped Vased Wrapped Vased
Seasonal - 4x Per Year $220 $240 $300 $320 $380 $400
BiMonthly - 6x Per Year $300 $330 $420 $450 $540 $570
Monthly - 12x Per Year $540 $600 $780 $840 $1,020 $1,080
SemiMonthly - 24x Per Year $960 $1,080 $1,440 $1,560 $1,920 $2,040

Below you'll find some examples of the different sizes. We'll be uploading more examples and photos soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience! 

For more examples of past subscription flowers, check out our Gallery


Our Mini arrangements and bouquets consist of 15-20 stems of flowers and greenery. Mini's are perfect for office desks, coffee tables, and smaller dining tables. 


Our Midi arrangements and bouquets consist of 20-30 stems of flowers and greenery. Midi's are great for coffee tables and dining tables. 


Our Maxi arrangements and bouquets consist of 30+ stems of flowers and greenery. Maxi's are larger and look great on an entry table, coffee table, dining table, or just about any corner that needs some brightness.